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Air Source Heat Pump Questionnaire
1. Please tell us your primary location:
2. Please tell us about your buildings:
2.1 Is the building for ?
Residential Use Commercial Use
2.2 What is the volume of conditioned, space available to be occupied ?
Square footage:
Average floor to ceiling heights:
2.3 Can you provide heating load calculation such as a Manual J or other forms which specify the calculated cooling and heating loads?
Yes No
2.4 Can you provide information regarding the integrity of the building shell such as a blower door reading or anticipated Air Changes per Hour (ACH)?
3. If you are interested in solar energy generation to power the system:
3.1 Are you interested in a PV system that is:
Grid tied Battery back up
3.2 Can you please indicate the average site shading across your building spectrum:
Site shading: (predetermined: 100% 75% 50% 25% none)
3.3 What is the size of the roof plane for the building?
3.4 Which direction does the main ridge run?
4. What are your chief goals in our product suite:
Improving your offerings to include more efficient products for both thermal comfort and indoor air quality
Adding solar energy generation to your product offerings to help clients find new ways to implement energy efficiency measures using cost effective strategies.