About Us

Clear-Trade plays a unique role in assisting client firms in advancing their interests through international trade and domestic business development.

This is done with exclusive technology built specifically for these purposes, and highly focused human involvement that combines to create a powerful platform for business intelligence and outreach.

Developing and maintaining a global network of customer and/or supply chain assets is difficult and painstaking work. In fact, our research shows that many organizations that could otherwise benefit from such activity are deterred from making the effort regardless of the potential rewards.

This is understandable as the resources necessary to ensure depth, effective communication and safety are expensive to deploy and time consuming to manage.

Even those quite accustomed to operating in the global marketplace or confident in their domestic enterprise cannot forego the benefits that new customers, additional resources and opportunities for innovations can present them. In a fast paced and ever changing business environment organizations assume at their own peril.

Clear-Trade can play a constructive role in bringing highly tailored data, resources and opportunity to our partner firms. This allows businesses and their decision makers an expansive point of view that can beneficially inform virtually all aspects of operations, be it export or domestic sales, procurement, manufacturing, technical innovation and more.

In the end, business is chiefly about people and relationships.

The work of illuminating the path to opportunities and efficiencies---and delivering this value risk free----is Clear-Trade’s prime directive.

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