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TIR Questionnaire
1. Please tell us your primary location:
2. Please tell us about your buildings:
2.1 How many buildings are in your portfolio?
2.2 Average age across the buildings spectrum?
2.3 What buildings are you interested in supporting with solar electric generation?
Office Retail Mercantile Warehouse and Storage
Educational Lodging Institutional Religious
Health Care Inpatient Health Care Outpatient Food Sales or Service Residential Single Family
2.4 Would this be for?
Existing buildings New construction    
3. Can you please indicate the average site shading across your building spectrum:
Site shading: (predetermined: 100% 75% 50% 25% none)
4. What processes do the buildings house and what is its approx percentage of electrical load?
Factory Machinery % electric load Cooling Loads % electric load
Refrigeration % electric load Hot Water Production % electric load
Ventilation % electric load  
5. What is the general condition of the state level distribution infrastructure:
Excellent Good Fair Poor
6. Please tell us what your chief goals would be regarding (select one):
reduce consumption off local utility grid through distributed energy generation and management
develop a local source of stable energy independent of the utility grid for continuous operation during periods of grid instability
Other/ Please describe