Global sourcing is a procurement strategy aimed at providing efficiencies in production cost, time and product quality. When done successfully this benefits the bottom line...all of them!

Sourcing assignments, when undertaken by Clear-Trade, will have us direct a world of wherewithal towards identifying highly appropriate production talent around the corner and around the world to get you what you need, the way you want it, on the most favorable terms possible.

This may mean identifying strategic trade partners both domestic and international--those near and far-- because all factors must be considered and no option or opportunity left unresolved.

Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is power and our ultimate goal is to empower production/procurement related decision making, risk free.

Gaining efficiencies in production costs and processes allows for a more effective competitive stance, better financial standing, improved margins and a higher quality of end product(s) and related services.

Clear-Trade will deploy its many assets to make these results achievable in a timely and convenient fashion.

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Identify new partners both domestic and international
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