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Clear-Trade is dedicated to helping our client-partner firms meet the universal need to make markets for their products and services and thus increase revenue, market share and profits.

In the changeable and challenging business environment that eternally prevails, resources must be strategically brought to bear in order to accomplish these essential goals.

Outreach, advertising, presentation and representation are all critical elements in ensuring a stable foundation from which growth is possible. These elements however can be expensive and unwieldy to manage and subject to failure.

Clear-Trade works to make a constructive difference in our client-firm's efforts to further and enhance their business development efforts and to do so with no risk and minimal management…this, by providing key assets that carry no associated overhead.

We do this with exclusive technology developed specifically for these purposes, complemented by a dedicated team of research, administrative, IT and sales professionals. These dynamics serve to "fuel the engine" and then combine to both create and manage the activity and demands of an expanded marketplace.

The results are swift, concise and impactful outreach to potential customers you wish to--and must—reach, along with cogent actionable data returned. This enables sales/development efforts to be properly amplified, persistent and ultimately successful.

On behalf of qualified client-firms Clear-Trade will offer a specific action plan around achievable targets and goals all facilitated by the deployment of these considerable technological and human resources...

Exclusive trade technology platform that facilitates effective broadcast and outreach to preferred audiences of decision makers that can proactively make markets and create demand for value added/innovative products and services
Focused/organized human interaction working in concert with this technology in order to establish sustainable, successful results
Systematic competence across a broad spectrum of industry and geography
If qualified, no risk, obligation or costs whatsoever
Much more

Clear-Trade's Client Services:

  Create and execute a fully realized campaign that sustains sales/business development activities to potential customers anywhere in the world. The powerful tools we deploy permits us to quickly and cost effectively profile prospective client firms, identify and communicate with key decision makers and generate interest, activity and success
  Create and maintain a truly global profile in order to promote products or services worldwide. This includes the ability to amplify and broadcast to potential customers actively seeking supply chain support in up to 10 languages and in virtually every corner of the world
  Create and maintain an on-line presence that will consistently communicate your message and allow interested parties an opportunity to create a real time/proactive dialogue. This enables a process that quickly assesses the fit and potential of prospective clients thus maximizing efficient intake

Qualify and Get started:

The process of making Clear-Trade a key asset in your business development efforts couldn't be easier.

  Tell us about what is unique, innovative and value added about your firm, its products and services
  Advise us on what is most distinctive and urgent about your efforts given current trends
  Educate us about particular aspects of your market and supply chain

All by answering a few simple, but central questions.

This information helps us to create a useful framework and better understand our client-partners interests and objectives…then develop and implement the most optimal strategies to reach them.

Effectively adds a global sales force to your team!

Emphasize what works ...
  • Innovation
  • Solutions
  • Added Value
  • Cost Savings
  • ETC
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    • Successful outcomes start with good information. Please carefully and specifically answer the brief questions posed below. These few simple queries provide a foundation from which we can begin.
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    Please describe the basic function and or application of this product/service
    What kind of company would be the target customer/most likely to need/buy this product?
    What person or title would be the person carry who is likely to make the decisions in such purchases i.e. CEO, Purchasing Manager etc?
    What should be emphasized to potential customers as being the most important aspect(s) of this product/service that sets it apart and makes it important to consider?
    Please describe how this product/service supply chain works; Customers buy direct? Distributors buy from manufacturers and then sell into the market? Please explain.