Are there any binding obligations that come with participation?
  If qualified, there are absolutely none. The only thing Clear-Trade requires is good information/answers that allow us to understand, plan, and act effectively on your behalf. Thereafter, cooperation and professionalism is all that's mandatory.
What do I gain by participating?
  There are many advantages to partnering as a Preferred Supplier, this as opposed to our simply fielding inquiries that we might otherwise steer your way.

Chief among them is that we of course will proceed in-depth on your behalf and bring all of our resources to bear in a highly focused outreach program tailored to your specific market and objectives. You would also gain visibility on any general inquiries we may field that may be a fit. In this way you benefit from both the specific efforts we make on your behalf as well as from the many opportunities our day to day efforts generate.
How real and effective are the capabilities Clear-Trade touts?
  They are very real...we have no incentive to overstate the case as we work strictly on a success basis.

This means we have worked hard and invested much in technologies, methodologies and people that allow us to reach target audiences on demand. There is no substitute for PRECISE and effective advertising/outreach to those who can benefit from knowing of your firms capabilities…we help to find doors, open them and assist in all that comes after.
What happens after I submit my information and how quickly can we see results?
  Clear-Trade will review your detail and follow up with any additional questions in order to understand and act. After that we will report back to you promptly with an action plan that details all aspects of the campaign we envision undertaking...targets, markets, geography, message etc.

Once we have your approval we begin. Results can be seen quickly, or over time, but you will enjoy the benefits of greater exposure and message amplification immediately.
How is Clear-Trade compensated for its efforts?
  As stated, if qualified Clear-Trade will charge no fee and will do that all that is promised to the best of our ability with no upfront obligations.

Clear-Trade will either apply a commission to the transactions we create or in other cases, different methods may apply. In either event such payments will be made upon a transactions successful closing only; the details of which can be worked out at that time.
Do I have to sign anything?
  The only documents Clear-Trade will ever ask you to sign are standard non disclosure/non-circumvent documents and/or simple fee/commission agreements and ONLY at the time they become necessary.
What is the can I lose?
  There isn't any and you can't!