Terms and Conditions

How This Works

In situations like the one that has brought us together Clear-Trade's/DGK Assoc LLC's central function is to aggregate global sales opportunities and as a result give you as a merchant/exporter the chance to consider, pursue, and close sales that otherwise would not have been known to you.

The advantages to working with us are manifold. Not the least of which is that we become, in essence, a global sales force or marketing arm of your firm that carries with it none of the associated overhead or costs that otherwise would be incurred in pursuing such activities.

The advantage to us is clear; we have identified a unique firm/source that, through our efforts, has demonstrated they are "cream rising to the top" and with whom there can be mutual benefit.

The financial process is simple. In general Clear-Trade will either apply a commission to the transactions we create, or in other cases, different approaches or methods may apply. In any event such payments will be due upon a successful sale/closing only; communication and cooperation is all that is necessary for uncomplicated transaction related details to be worked out.

When appropriate, we will ask for your execution of some simple documentation --- with internationally recognized language---that basically covers two essential points.

That any premium applied to the transaction/sale will be paid to Clear-Trade upon a successful closing and receipt of payment from the buyer

That any future sales from said buyer will go through Clear-Trade and that all such commissions are duly protected